Download the newest release of Apache Open Climate Workbench either as source (see below) or from one of the popular packaging platforms e.g. PyPI or Anaconda.

See the 1.3.0 Release Report for more information on the list of updates in this release.

OCW is always distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0.


You require Python to build the OCW source code.

You may also was to check out the instructions for building the OCW documentation

N.B. OCW is NOT tested extensively against the Windows platform however through the Anaconda package, we do build for Windows.

We would really appreciated any feedback you have.


Please click below for your most recent download.

Download (1.3.0 .tgz) Download (1.3.0 .zip)


The downloads above link to the global Apache mirror network. Clicking on one should display a default mirror selection based on your inferred location. If (when you browse to it) you do not see that page, try a different browser. The signature and hashes below are links to the originals on the main distribution server. You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files.
Version SHA512 ASC
Apache OCW 1.2.0 (.tgz) climate-1.3.0-rc1.tgz.sha512 climate-1.3.0-rc1.tgz.asc
Apache OCW 1.2.0 (zip)

Verify Releases

It is essential that you verify the integrity of the downloaded files using the ASC and/or SHA512 signatures. published with every OCW release.

Please read Verifying Apache HTTP Server Releases for more information on why you should verify our releases.

We strongly recommend you verify your downloads with at least both PGP and MD5. Guidance for doing so is provided below.

PGP Signature

The PGP signatures can be verified using PGP or GPG. First download the KEYS as well as the asc signature file for the relevant distribution.

N.B.Make sure you get these files from the main distribution directory, rather than from a mirror. Then verify the signatures using the following

$ gpg --import KEYS
$ gpg --verify climate-X.Y.Z.tgz.asc climate-X.Y.Z.tgz

The files in the most recent release are signed by Lewis John McGibbney (ASF Code Signing Key) 48BAEBF6

Previous Releases

If you are looking for previous releases of Apache OCW, have a look in the Apache Archives.

Subscribe to the dev@ mailing list if you want to get notified about future releases.

All Apache OCW releases are available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the NOTICE.txt file contained in each release artifact for applicable copyright attribution notices.